Say what?! This really works!

Justin Woodward

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So, as you may have read I got on this mission for our soap when my nephew was suffering from eczema breakouts. Since using my sister has not seen one break out or sign of a breakout on my nephew. She herself has not experienced a breakthrough as well. 

With that I began using it to help with things I was dealing with. I am a millwright tradesman. And my trade requires me, or rather exposes me to a lot of different dirt, grease and grime. I have always had a problem keeping my skin nourished and my hair healthy with regular soaps and shampoos. 

After my first use, no lie, my hair felt better, my skin cleaner, and I noticed a glow to my appearance. 

Afyer more research I found Dr. Oz had did a segment on the beneficial properties of Natural African Black Soap. 

Even my cuticles are not splitting. I don’t itch from dry skin. My scalp feels great with no dandruff. 

Stay tuned. I’ll be continuing this blog with updates about recipes and things I do in my daily routing. 

Thank you again! I hope you have a lovely day!